How David Launched A New Information Business & Made $76,000 In Under 20 Days Leveraging One Facebook Group

...Without any sales funnels or a complicated system setup

P.S: Even if you don't qualify, we'll still help consult you for free on the call to give you something of value is we know time is valuable

Who Is This For?

Service-Based Businesses:

Successful Service Based Entrepreneurs (6+ Figures A Year) That Want To Get Into The Information Space & Scale A Successful Coaching Program

Consultants & Coaches:

Selling 1-to-1 or group coaching, live events or higher end trainings

Create A Hyper Scalable High Ticket Offer

Within 72 hours of working with us, we will help you structure a hyper scalable offer that will convert for you at 90% and allowing your prospects to pay you a premium for your services.

By creating a great offer, you'll get prospects saying yes very easily over sales calls and your conversion rates will sky-rocket.

You will have predictable revenue coming in every single month. You will be able to find and hire team members very easily and people will be begging to do business with you.

Having a hyper scalable offer is what makes or breaks a company.

Grow A Profitable Community Through One Facebook Group With Our Hyper Scalable Strategies

Get Up To 1,000+ members a month from your target audience to join your Facebook group.

Get high quality, warm leads, that like and trust you. This will increase your sales conversions and allow you to create a tribe of buyers that are raging fans of what you have to offer.

Become a thought leader in your space and become recognized worldwide. Become known outside of your local market.

Convert Your Members Into Clients

You'll use our templates and coaching to be able to learn how to create content that converts your members into paying clients.

We will coach you how to take your members from a piece of content to chat with you in messenger, then eventually book an appointment to speak with you or your team about your offer.

Use one of our fully trained community managers to pack your calendar with high quality appointments so that you're completely removed from the prospecting process.

Leverage our appointment setting strategies to get over 25+ appointments a week from the group.

Become A Master Closer

Learn our Mogul Closer system to close 90%+ of your qualified leads. Learn our methods to make the prospect feel understood and not like they're being sold to.

No need for a "pitch deck" or any of the old-school methods to close. Adapt to the new economy and methods of selling.

Use our lethal methods to be able to create an advanced sales team and continuously have 5 Figure+ Days in your company.

Systemize Your Business

Create a hyper scalable offer with proper systems that don't require your constant attention. Once everything is dialed in, the only bottleneck becomes you!

Learn how to hire out the right people to continue to scale out your company without needing to run it yourself. How amazing would it be if you were to make money on auto-pilot in your sleep?

Mogul Insider (New Offer):

$0 - $100k A Month In 45 Days

Originally had a PR offer, scaled that up to 500k+ in under 10 months.

Launched New Program In August 2021. Currently doing over $100,000 Per Month In Sales.

(This screenshot is money into our Paypal account in the past 20 Days)

Niche: Business & Marketing Consulting

Result: Launched New Offer, Took It From $0 To $100,000 Per Month Run Rate In 45 Days

Founder: Adam Totounji


$12,000 / Month - $31,000 Per Month In Under 30 Days

WasimTheDream is a Career consulting firm where they help IT professionals land their dream jobs in 6-8 weeks.

The Process

Wasim approached Mogul Insider with an already proven offer and they were closing deals, however they were stuck at $12,000 a mont and couldn't go any higher then that.

We re-structured their offer and their team structure, simplified their messaging on the outbound channels and increased the messages they sent out daily, increasing average weekly calls from 10 - 30.. tripling their revenue.

Niche: Career Consulting

Result: Tripled Revenue In Under 30 Days

Founder: Wasim Hajjiri

James Foo Torres:

$50,000 MRR In Under 30 Days

James Foo Torres runs a public relations agency where he gets his clients on top publications in under 45 days.

The Process

James approached us not knowing how to position his offer, he knew he had an amazing service and was great at what he does, but didn't know how to position it effectively in the marketplace.

We helped him structure out his offer, gave him scripts he can use to approach his target market and told him to setup his Facebook group properly.

In his first 30 days in the program, he made $50,000 in sales.


Niche: Public Relations Agency

Result: $50,000 In 30 Days

Founder: James Foo Torres

Brad Shildkrout:

$18,000 In Revenue In 4 Days

Brad runs a marketing and business consultancy where he helps affiliate marketers launch and scale their own high ticket businesses.

The Process:

Brad came to us trying to figure out what niche to get into and how to structure his offer. He recently decided to switch into a new niche with his offer and was showing no results what so ever.

We helped him structure his offer and figure out what nice he needs to get into. We also helped him setup his systems to be able to get the right people into his Facebook group and taught him on how to create the right content to attract the right people.

Within 4 days of applying our systems, he made $18,000 in sales. A week after this, he was already way passed the $30,000 mark.

Niche: Business Consulting

Result: Over $18,000 In Under 4 Days

Founder: Brad Shildkrout

SEO Savvy Lawyer:

$0 - $100,000 ARR In Under 14 Days

SEO Savvy Lawyer is an SEO agency that provides marketing services to law firms.

The Process

Nabeel is a law student and has ambitious goals to want to become a “savvy” lawyer…

He really wanted to figure out a way to get into building relationships with lawyers and big law firms before he graduated (as he still has a while to go)

He had absolutely 0 experience in what it meant to run a business, but he knew deep down he can make something work out.

He came to us and asked us to structure out an offer for him that would allow him to service law firms.

After enrolling him into our program, we immediately went into a deep dive of his skillsets and the value he’d be able to provide for his clients.

We set him up with a roadmap on delivering an SEO service for law firms, structured his offer, placed a “no brainer” guarantee with unbeatable bonuses & gave him our prospecting and sales tactics.

Niche: SEO Agency For Law Firms

Result: Structured NEW Offer And Scaled To $100,000 ARR In Under 14 Days

Founder: Nabeel Faysal

Old Way vs New Way Of Doing Business

The Game Has Changed

We've Discovered How To Be Massively Profitable From Day One & How To Scale Your Business To $100,000 Per Month FAST With A Low Acquisition Cost Per Client And High Profit Margins

Old Way

  • Debate what business you're going to start and go based off "intuition"

  • Create an offer you "think" will work, basically just guessing your way through it

  • Rely solely on referrals because you think your target audience doesn't respond to your messages online

  • Try to generate leads online, but barely send any messages and you give up because it didn't work

  • Try weird methods to generate leads like cold calling or pushing your clients to give you referrals

  • Finally get a lead and get someone on the phone with you and offer them "whatever they're looking for"

  • Not be able to close them, so you think its a pricing issue and offer your services for way cheaper.. but still you don't close them

  • See a bunch of people online crushing it, and so you decide to not give up because you don't want to be labeled as a failure

  • You watch a crap ton of YouTube videos and ask everyone you meet for advice

  • You finally land a client by promising them you'd do everything they want to get done for a very cheap price

  • Realize you're not going to be able to deliver a good service because you aren't paid enough

  • You want to figure out how to deliver for your client, but they start getting mad that you aren't delivering what you promised

  • They either ask for a refund or chargeback the invoice

  • You think of getting a job or the shiny object syndrome hits you and you start to try a bunch of different things

  • 6 Months later you find yourself stuck in the same position and eventually throw the white flag up because you have no idea what to do

New Way

  • You pay someone who has gone through this entire process and has figured it out to help mentor and coach you through the process, so that you can shortcut your way to success

  • You learn that you can actually message your target audience and ask them what their problems are so that you're not guessing what you'll be providing for them

  • You find out that there is a certain way to structure a high ticket offer and a science behind how you position it in the marketplace and on sales calls so that you can get a ton of people to sign up FAST

  • You learn to sell before you create, don't waste time becoming a product master

  • You find out that you can actually do $50,000+ per month organically through a simple Facebook group & Personal Profile

  • You learn how to attach a marketing engine to your offer to generate leads and sales, fast.

  • You learn that by charging more, you're actually going to be able to get better results for your clients

  • You learn that there's an art to how you do your sales and finally start to convert 90%+ of your qualified prospects

  • You now have a ton of clients to fulfill for and already hitting a 6-figure run rate before you even hit 30 days in your business

  • You now outsource all the lead generation work so you can focus on fulfilling for the clients you brought on.

  • Your clients are now getting results, they start to brag about you to others, and now you have people hitting you up to pay you money for your service.

  • You now repeat the process you've been taught and begin to scale it out.

  • You begin to add more traffic channels and learn how to increase the amount of appointments you book on your calendar and how to grow your Facebook group even further.

  • It hasn't even been 60 days and now you're way past the $20,000 per month mark. Everyone is shocked by how quickly you grew

  • You then hire a fulfillment manager to help you with handling clients so that you can focus on the other sides of the business.

  • You now no longer need to every worry about getting a job again, you're going to grow past the $100,000 per month mark much faster then you think. You buy your dream house, dream car, have everything you've ever wanted become a reality.

Why Work With Us?

I love when I get asked this question because we haven't even met yet and so if you weren't even a little bit skeptical then I would be worried.

Even if you take away the insanely quick results and satisfied clients, testimonials, case studies, etc. we're still the best chance you have in the market to actually see quick results.


Because I've been there before. It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for me. I dropped out of college at the age of 18, with big dreams and ambitions, but I had no idea what on earth I was doing.

I spent 5+ years in hopes of figuring it out and chasing the "dream", only to have over 10+ failed projects under my belt.

All I wanted to do was figure out how to make $5,000 a month running my own business. At that time I thought to myself it would change my entire life.

I would go door to door, cold call and try every method I knew of at the time, and all I was making at that time was around $30,000 a year living at my parents house.

I had to pickup side-gigs and jobs on the side to be able to make it through. I started to really question myself and thought I would go back to school and try that route again.

I went back to school twice, only to find out that I did NOT want to go that pathway and let me tell you, I felt hopeless.

I had a 2.3 GPA, no stable job, barely making any money and my "business" was definitely not working out at the time.

With all hopes up in the air, I started a podcast, I loved networking with people and thought to myself "heck, if I had a large network, something has to come out of that"....

After 4 months of running my podcast, I got to meet amazing people and landed my first, what I thought to be massive at the time, retainer.

A client came and paid me $3,000 a month to get them featured on 7 podcasts per month.

I had developed contacts in the space at the time and was able to fulfill on that.

I immediately took that money and re-invested into programs to help me learn how to build up on that and in under 7 months we did over $600,000 with that offer.

I then started to help my close network of friends and family learn the same strategies that I implemented to make the money we made in such a short amount of time.

Fast forward to today, we launched a new offer and compiled all of our strategies and skills that I've developed over the many years of failures and we were able to scale out to over $100,000 a month in under 60 days.

I teach the exact same framework and methodologies I learned investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into my business and from all the failures I've encountered so you don't have to go through all that hassle yourself.

I didn’t go to college, I don't have a degree. I'm nothing special. If I can do it, so can you.

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